Naked Beer Mile Fun Run

This year will be the 8th annual Bare Burro Nude 5K run, and at the suggestion of the guy who’s won more of those races than anyone else, this year will also feature a Naked Beer Mile Fun Run.

naked-beer-mile-runThe concept of a Beer Mile is that you drink a 12oz beer as quickly as possible.  Then run 1/4 mile. Then you drink another beer.  And run another 1/4 mile.  After four beers and 1 mile you’ve completed the race.  And likely on your way to a very happy afternoon.

The event will be Saturday April 22 at Olive Dell Ranch in southern California.  Start time is 3pm.   It’s open to anyone who can drink and run, jog, skip, saunter, walk or crawl for one mile.   For those who don’t enjoy beer, there is an option of a carbonated beverage like a cola or lemon-lime drink.   Sorry but water, juices, milk or a double latte don’t qualify.

The cost is $10 to participate which includes the beer and specialty selected prizes for top finishers.   You also need to buy a day pass to Olive Dell Ranch which range from $16 to $22 per person.  That also gets you full access to the resort with swimming pool, jacuzzi, hiking trails, and an evening karaoke party.   All naked of course.

The best way to enjoy it is to come for the whole weekend and do the Naked Beer Mile on Saturday and the Bare Burro Nude 5K on Sunday.  There are plenty of camping and RV spaces available.   Click here for a video that tells you more about the Bare Burro run and Olive Dell Ranch.

If you’d like to get more information as plans come together, and so we can plan for how many runners we’ll have, please complete the form below.