4 comments on “Nude Fun – Keep It Simple

  1. San Onofre Me
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    February 2, 2011 at 9:06 pm
    As you should know by now the State has been ticketing San Onfre Beach nudists.
    A local DA Monday rescinded charges against several nudists ticketed on San Onofre State Beach, Trail Six Area. The Charges were changed to simple infractions… Is this a good sign?

    • The fact that the courts in San Diego saw it as a waste of time for minor infractions is a good thing. The state is in huge amounts of debt – and they’re spending time chasing a few nudists, while also driving down revenue since a lot of people who used to buy day passes and annual passes to the State Park are no longer visiting. We can only hope that common sense prevails and San Onofre will once again be a great place to rest, relax and celebrate natural freedon.

    • Yes. Although park rangers still seem to be obsessed with making sure naturists can’t enjoy some simple freedoms on a remote beach. Hopefully with Ruth Coleman gone from the parks department some sanity may return.

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