Things To Do Nude is written by a couple of surfers who enjoy surfing naked in Southern California in summer, and visiting nude resorts and campgrounds all year long.  We believe it’s fun and healthy to enjoy nude recreation.  Visit our full website at

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  1. Hello all. Met a couple of you this past weekend at Deanza, filming a water volleyball game. Had a great time that weekend and looking forward to getting back again. Looking forward to your video. Keep it going. We need more nudist exposure. David

  2. Hello, we are AANR members who have some beach events for this summer, although they will not be in California. Are you looking for events in other states? Also, are you members of any nudist organizations? We’d feel more comfortable knowing there is a real nudist connection, since so many other sites have inappropriate content or links.

    • We’re members of AANR and work to promote healthy nude recreation. Hopefully you’ll see on the blog and website a promotion of the fun, relaxed elements of nude recreation. There’s way too many people who confuse nudity with sex. We hope we can change a few opinions.

    • We’re also AANR members and support several local clubs and resorts. The goal is to promote nude recreation as a healthy, natural option in appropriate places. Would love to hear about your events and help publicize them.

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